NTA Cruisers 2020 Destination — Havana, Cuba.

Flo’s 2-Bits on Havana, Cuba

Additional Information

Hi NTA Cruisers and Friends:

Red has set up the 2020 NTA Cruisers annual Family Reunion for 2020 and it will be from April 26 – May 1st leaving from Cape Canaveral on Norwegian Cruise Ship the SUN. [See the itinerary posted  above]

Ocean View and above you get either free air fare or reduced airfare depending on where you are flying from plus a choice of: 

Specialty Dinner, $50 off a shore excursion, Free WIFI, Upgrade on Drinks (but don’t get that one because they have open bar on the Island we go to first that day so not worth getting that one). Some get 2 choices some cabins only 1 choice. We sail leave from Orlando which is Port Canaveral.

If you want to go in up to 2 days early or stay up to 2 days afterwards, I believe there is a $25 deviation fee – so if this is what you’d like to do, check on that with our Cruise booking director Jeanie Zapata.  Her numbers are listed in  the  sideline  to  the right. 

If you know you are going to go but you are not sure of who will be traveling with you – you can still book your cabin and give the person’s name who will be joining you at a later date – but again ask Jeanie how long you have to give the person’s name going with you.

If you want to go but have no one to go with you – perhaps you can put in a request in the NTA Cruisers Face Book and/or Website stating you are looking for a roommate and give your contact info so if anyone is in the same position they can contact you and then hopefully the 2 of you can share a cabin so you both can make the cruise.

If you are from the USA – you will need a valid passport good for 6 months prior to and 6 months after the cruise dates.

I am assuming this also goes for other countries as well – again, ask Jeanie.  You will also need a Visa which costs $75 per person which is not included. We cannot get our Visas as yet but they will let us know when we need to get it…. If you do not know how to do this, ask Jeanie and she will let you know what to do to get yours.

I asked Jeanie if you are allowed to bring back Cuban Cigars and liquors – she said yes they are duty free but it didn’t say how much of either you are allowed per person. If you find out the answer to that one,  please let me know and I’ll pass it on…

The prices for the cabins & suites may not be exactly what are listed here below because it will also depend on whether or not they include airfare depending on where you fly back and forth to. And do not know how many if any choices you get with these rooms as they vary so you have to ask about that too.

You may also want to take out insurance to be on the safe side just in case you cannot make the cruise. That way you won’t lose all or part of your money. Plus, there are different taxes – transfers, etc. etc. This is just to give you a rough idea of what the cost will be. When you talk to Jeanie, she can give you the final price of what you will be paying for each of these cabins or suites.

Again, we sail from Orlando which is Port Canaveral on Norwegian Ship the “SUN."  You can go online and see the cabins.

The person to call to book your cabins is Jeanie Zapata. her work number is: 954 514 4341    her cell is: 754 422 2402. Our FS group number is:  A900823.

If she doesn’t answer leave a message – she will get back to you – it may take a while because of everyone calling her.

OK, so the estimated prices for the different suites and cabins for the NTA Cruisers Cruise to Cuba April 26, 2020 – May 1, 2020 are: 

Ocean View (Obstructed – not good visibility - may have an object hanging in front of the window) – Is $2,721 per couple

Ocean View Picture Window - $2,801 per couple

Balcony $3,341 per couple

Mini Suite $4,281 per couple

SH Penthouse Suite (460 Sq. Ft) $7,154 per couple

SG Penthouse suite (504 Sq. Ft.)  $7,754 per couple

SF Penthouse Suite (484 Sq. Ft)   $7,854 per couple

I believe that the suites you have to give a $100 deposit but not sure on that one.

Ocean view and plain balcony cabins is $50 per person deposit.

The inside cabins are cheaper - $ 1,008 per person and I don’t know if they give you free or reduced airfare with these or not. Not sure if you get to choose any of the options of the Specialty dinner, $50 off coupon on shore excursion, WI-FI, etc. with this cabin either – again ask Jeanie.

When you call to make your reservations make sure you let Jeanie know you are with the NTA Cruisers. Our FS Group booking number is: A900823.  Again, Jeanie Zapata’s  contact info  is  located in the  sideline to the right, above.  Don’t forget to look up the ship on line to see the cabins, where they are located and what they look like. It’s the Norwegian Cruise Ship “SUN”.  https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/sun

Don’t know how fast these good cabins will go so if you are sure you are going I’d book now before the type you want is gone….

(Pooch sent me the following link for all the rules & regulations regarding customs and Cuban cigars and rum.) Thanks for the info! Here is a link to Cuban rum and cigar info, 


And Charlie Ford let me know that he went on this cruise last June and they were allowed 1 bottle of Rum and 100 cigars each – but like he says, this could change by 2020, so check it out again closer to our cruise.

Luv yas, hope to see you on board for our NTA Cruisers Family Reunion April 26, - May 1, 2020—  Flo

To Book Passage

Call:  Jeanie  Zapata

Work:  954-514-4341

Mobile: 754-422-2402. 

Our FS group number is:  A900823.