Editor's Desk

April 2019 Issue #1

With the rolling in of the New Year, the NTA Cruisers are pleased to be launching its new 'ship' with "Captain" Armadillo Red at the helm. Exciting, new things are taking shape like the release of this newsletter. Let me point out that while we still refer to this publication as a newsletter, our goal is to elevate the format to become an online magazine or ezine. It is our desire that this new format will connect you, our members, with our world of Tattooing more immediately and closer than ever before. As always, your input is essential  as that is what has always made NTA great. 

I wish to acknowledge my appointment (mandatorily volunteered) to the task of Editor. I trust my experience in print media and these past 43 years of tattooing will serve to create a publication which is informative, visually interesting, thought provoking and specialized to the needs of our members. I can be reached directly at:  

Although we joke we both have been mandatorily volunteered by Red, Flo Makofske can’t stay away for very long...she has graced us with her Flo’s 2 Bits column in this premier issue and will continue to inform us of the organization‘s long history as a regular feature.

Our FEATURED ARTIST is our 2018 Tattoist of the Year, Jen Carmean. Feast your eyes on her exquisite work and get a sneak preview of  photos for an upcoming publication by Elvia Iannacone-Gezlev.

Shahn Anderson’s ELECTRIC DRAGONLAND tattoo studio in Hopkins, MN is our FEATURED SHOP. Shahn’s studio was awarded the Best Studio of 2018. Congratulations to him and his crew. Take a look inside in this issue. 

Tattoo Historian, C.W. Eldridge, has come aboard with pictures and articles from the Tattoo Archive. This issue’s photo article regarding tattoo hand tools helps to elaborate the recently released findings of tattoo tools of Native Americans that has changed the historical record. This new report places tattooing in North America two thousand years earlier than previously thought. Find that article, POKING HOLES IN HISTORY and more links, as well as an article on Japanese Hand tools by Jay Brown, titled IREZUMI.

Our regular features, which include obituaries, announcements, classifieds and so much more, can only happen with input from our membership. Flo Makofske and I were recently discussing how most of the membership depends upon her and her reporting of those of our own who have passed on. It is our collective responsibility to keep each other informed. I commend the swiftness with which we act on social media alerting readers. We hope that our Online Magazine will be as swift or at least more informative than social media. We commend Peggy Sucher for tending to our Facebook Page and Anna Funk for our Instagram Page. They are our social face and a liaison between the public, this newsletter and our members. Applaud and support them.

With these many changes taking place, we often look to cling to a secure rock and that rock is us, Members of the NTA Cruisers. We remain a happy band of misfits and pirates [some things never change] and look toward a new horizon and new adventures. Please join us, follow us and help lead us into the future. 

Pat Sinatra