Editor’s Desk - Issue #2

July/August 2019

Hello Readers!

It’s  that  time!  Time  to  RENEW!

By now, we are hoping most, if not all of you are able to log in as a member and see the most recent edition of our Online Tattoo News Magazine. You wouldn’t be reading this, otherwise. Remember to FILL OUT THE NECESSARY FORMS to include along with your payment. We are basically starting anew and creating a new and current database. Without your information, you won't be processed and you won't be a member. It's that simple.

It’s July and our merry band of misfits and pirates are gearing up to meet in Albuquerque at the New Mexico Tattoo Fiesta located in the Isleta Casino and Resort. Brian Everett has been kind to offer to the NTA Cruisers amenities and activities to our group. What began as an impromptu way for NTA members to stay in touch is now an event in an event. A big "thank you" to Brian and his crew for accommodating us. 

I wasn’t planning on attending but my plans have changed, so I will be there to cover the news and report it as it happens. We now have the ability to post video. And, if my nerd-brain can hold out long enough to figure out how to have a live feed, we may be doing that — broadcasting LIVE from the event. 

Those attending should know the NTA Meeting is scheduled for Friday at 2:00pm; the Memorial Service for Mike Martin is scheduled for Sunday, 10:30AM.

Lyle Tuttle's Memorial  is covered in this issue. Telisa Swan was in attendance and shares her experience. And, Ron Beckman pays tribute to Henry Savini who passed April 30.

We have with us, again, our Featured Contributors, CW Eldridge of the Tattoo Archive and Jay Brown of the Northwest Tattoo Museum. And Flo Makofske has her 2 Bits to add as she continues with NTA History. 

As we settle into our new personae—Cruisers, our Online Tattoo News Magazine is also busy settling into a routine. In more recent times, the NTA Newsletter went to print six times a year with the last issue being the convention issue. Our plan is to commit to a bimonthly format for featured articles. [We have the ability to publish in real-time but our NTA Cruisers Facebook Page is ideal for announcements.] This year our initial release came out on April Fools’ Day 2019 and will only be four issues total. This issue, Issue #2 July/August 2019, resumes the bi-monthly commitment to our member readers. We will resume numbering from Issue #1 in January 2020 to produce six issues.

We encourage you to utilize our classifieds to generate help, sales, announcements...and more. 

Pat Sinatra